Samo Dreo : Sri Lanka

Samo has traveled to Sri Lanka for the first time in 2006, but later returned several times and even meet his wife there. His photos were made over the last 6 years. Sri Lanka is the land that fascinates you with its diversity. Everyone who travels there creates his own memories and experiences his own adventures. Very few people stay untouched. There are lots of stories and stereotypes about the Far East that we hear before we travel there. Some are objective and some are not. They affect us and create an image in our minds. We travel there with this image, and likely we will return with that same image or despite everything with new one. But never the lass it offers to its traveler’s unique experiences, which cannot be shown in advance.  These experiences are waiting for those who gather the courage to travel to a different world. Tourists all over the world are searching for answers, happiness and inner peace while they are on their travels.

In the authors mind, there is always a question, which he heard so many times in Sri Lanka: Are you OK?

The author wanted to show us a piece of this beautiful country. 

You are welcome to join us in our first exhibition in Hostel Pekarna from 14th of February until 12th of April 2013.