Mateja Mežgan: Morocco

Mateja Mežgan is a world traveler, who has already visited 57 countries. Her first trip was with her grandmother, who was also her inspiration for traveling.

After 15 years they are still traveling together and will do so in the future. They organized all the travels, even though the grand mother is more than 80 years old.

Mateja loves unspoiled nature and she is also fascinated by adrenaline sports. She is an active cave paramedic and she loves to explore and discover new caves, she loves to climb - especially ice climbing, mountain baking, back country skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding and scuba diving. She is also a motorcyclist and is planning to travel the world on her motorbike in the future.

One of her passions is also photography. Sometimes she is the photographer and sometimes she is the model in front of the camera. She exhibits her photos in solo exhibitions and together with the Society of photography lovers Maribor, which she is a member of.  In the last six months she also joined the  Society of travel photographers. She shares her experiences in the Society Vagant and with visitors on her traveler lectures. She has done more than a hundreds of them, they were also broadcast on radio and television, and she also has been a guest in many schools. She also writes travel articles regularly.

She is working as an expert advisor for the gardening department for a Austrian trading company, working in Slovenia and Croatia. She has studied tourism at the Tourism high school and landscaping at the College of Horticulture and visual arts. After that she took exams for teaching adults and now she is finishing her masters in tourism. Beside her work, study, sports, photography, designing and traveling she still has time for music, playing the flute in two brass bands.


Traveling Morocco was her grandmother wish. They organized this trip by themselves. They are an unusual combination, but they get along very well. Traveling to Morocco was never a priority for Mateja, but her grandmother chose Morocco 3 days before they went there. So they began their journey without any previous knowledge about this colorful land, which is so full of contrasts. Living in Morocco represents a remarkable contrast. Living in a city and having an ordinary job is totally different than living in the countryside, where people are struggling to survive. In cities there are women that drive, work and a lot of women don’t even cover themselves. They don’t even wear a head scarf. They don’t know that way of living in the country side. Mateja and her grandmother were more attracted to the countryside,the landscapes and they were attractions there.

Even though Mateja and her grandmother are an unusual travel par, they understand each other perfectly.  The interests of both have always been similar, they both love nature and the mountains. Cities are just a brief visit. So they loved Morocco very much, especially the nature.  Maybe Mateja should leave the choice of travel to her Grandmother in the future?!

Mateja Mežgan: Morocco

You are welcomed to join us and see the exhibition from 15th of April until 12th of June. 2013