Janez Dolinšek: India in me

 " O India! Eternal tempting mistress, good and magical.
At the same time cruel, indifferent and phishing.
Mother, sister, friend and a slut.
Infinite canvas on which thousands of the mad painters
have left their traces of the worst hallucinations. "(Evald Flisar)

Janez Dolinšek has made his second trip to India to explore the secrets of India. For him a journey to India is also a journey to himself. As an amateur photographer, to him India represents  a wonderful land,there so that he can capture it with his camera.

Upon his first voyage across India in 2011 his thoughts were:

“Eventually I decided. And went.


I fell in love with India.

I was completely taken over by India and Yes it changed me.

That person which left Slovenia,

has never returned.

That person returning from India

will never really leave it.”


When he visited India again in 2012, he wrote:

“India is exponentially pulling me in; it is offering me all I loved so much before. The combination of human kindness andIndian daily life is creating a wonderful and hard to describe atmosphere, that fills me with that deep happiness again, that I so intensively experienced in my last year trip and which had more or less stayed with me until my return to India…

In the embrace of India I am rapidly losing my trace and am becoming someone new.”

Photos from the exhibition “India in me” are revealing the symbiosis between the author’s photographic passion and His love for India.

Janez Dolinšek: India in me

You are welcome to join us and see the exhibition from 3th of July until 27th of September 2013.