Helena Bezget: Tuscany

Helena Bezget was born on 5th of September 1960 in Maribor. She graduated from First gymnasium in Maribor and continued with study on Pedagoška fakulteta in Maribor. Since 2004 the author had 3 solo exhibitions and participated in several group exhibitions.

She began with photography in 1995, when she bought her first camera during her trip to Egypt. Since then the camera is her loyal and essential companion on trips trough Egypt, India, Italy, China, Greece....

With the series of photos that she takes, she wants to preserve memories on her emotion, because for her “emotion caught in the lens” is more than the theme itself. Because of that, her photographs are filled with emotion and have their own unique story.

This photo exhibition displays photos that emerged from her trips to Tuscany and Umbria from 2009 until 2013. She was amazed by the Parco dei Mostri with its exotic greens and with its sculptures. She loves Maremma land, which lies in the southwest part of Tuscany. She loves to visit towns like Sovana, Sorano, Pitgliano, which have their origin in the time of the Etruscans. She was enchanted by the village Saturina, loving it because of its natural beauty and the legend about it founding: The god Saturn watched the Roman armies after each battle, seeing how tired, exhausted and wounded the men were returning home to their wives. He felt sorry for the soldiers and their wives, who had to take care of their wounded husbands. Therefore he made a spa, where the soldiers could heal their bodies and souls. So in honor of the god Saturn they called the nearby village Saturina and the Spa terme di Saturina.

Helena Bezget - Marjetica: Toscana – Maremma in Umbria

You are welcome to join us and see the exhibition from 3th of October until 31st of December 2013.