Youth Hostel Pekarna, managed by MKC Maribor, rents rooms in accordance with these terms and conditions.


General terms of business:

General terms and conditions are a part of the application form - reservation, concluded between MKC Maribor and the guest, who is applying for the stay in the hostel or the stay with other services. It is recommended that the guest reads and understands the content of the General terms and conditions before signing the application form or making the reservation.  The general terms and conditions are applied together with house rules, which can be downloaded at: www.mkc-hostelpekarna/hisnired.


I. Partners

Partners of the agreement in the application-reservation form are MKC Maribor and the guest. If the reservation is made by a third party, then the third party and the guest are responsible for obligations of the application-reservation form. In case of doubt the partner of MKC Maribor is the client placing the order, even when the service was made for other named or unnamed guest.


II. Validity

Our general terms and conditions are valid for applications - reservations for the rental of rooms/beds to the guest for an overnight accommodation as well as for all services and supplies provided to the guest by MKC Maribor.


III. Agreement made with the application – reservation form

When a written application – reservation form is received, the service will be reserved. MKC Maribor will confirm the room reservation in writing.


IV. Services and prices

1. MKC Maribor must have prepared rooms reserved by the guest, and must implement the agreed services. In case of overbooking MKC Maribor does have the right to book accommodation of similar quality close by.

2. The client commits to pay the agreed price for the provided services.

3. The client is not entitled to additional services that were not promised or are not a part of the original offer.

4. All prices include VAT and local fees.

 Prices are fixed by the valid price list of MKC Maribor. MKC Maribor has the right to change the price of the services according to the Code of Obligations in the case where there has been a change in the exchange rate or changes of the tariffs of other services and prices, which affect the service price. MKC Maribor shall inform the guest in writing about any price changes.


V. Payment

All the services must be paid in advance. Payment can be made upon arrival with cash or credit card, or via bank transfer. In the case of early departure or of reserved services that were not used, the full agreed price must be paid. For all the unpaid charges MKC has the right to charge notice with all statutory interest. MKC has the right to check the validity of the credit card before the arrival of the guest. In case of the debt from previous reservation MKC has the right not to accept the application – reservation form. The payment day is the day of the payment made upon arrival or the date of the bank transfer.


VI. Staying with children or animals

All children must have valid travel documents. The age of the child is considered on the day of arrival, not on the day of reservation.

Animals are not allowed in the Hostel Pekarna.


VII. Cancellation

Cancellation must be made in writing (email). In case of cancellation MKC will charge any cost incurring due to cancellation. If there is no written cancellation all the agreed amount will be charged, even if the services were not used.

 Cancellation cost for individual guest: 

  • 7 - 2 days before arrive   - 30%
  • 1 days before arrive        - 70%
  • on arriving day               - 100% 

· Cancellation cost for groups: 

  • 15 - 7 days before arrive         - 50%
  • 7 - 2 days before arrive            - 80%
  • on arriving day                        - 100% 

 MKC has the right not to cancel the application – reservation form due to higher power, also when the reservation is based on misleading or false information or due to a violation of the General terms and conditions.


VIII. Guarantee, handover and the return of the room

1. The guest has no right, to claim the preparation of a specific room, although MKC Maribor will make effort to fulfill our guests wishes.

2. Check in is on the day of arrival after 2 p.m.
3. Check out is by 10 a.m., otherwise the extra day will be charged. Please return the key at the reception.

4. The reception is open between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., arrivals after 8 p.m. need to be announced by email to or by phone: +386 59 180 880.

5. In case of an extension of stay, please notify MKC one day prior to departure. Rooms must be paid in advance; this also applies for an extension of stay.

6. In case of early departure, the full amount must be paid for the night. If the room was reserved for a longer period of time and the guest leaves before departure day, the full amount of reservation will be charged. Except if the guest leaves due to higher power or illness.


IX. Guarantee by MKC Maribor

1. Guarantees for its obligations with due diligence. Customer’s damage claims are excluded (except when the damages were caused by willful or deliberate violation of obligations).  Please notify MKC if any disturbances or damages occurred during your stay, and MKC will try to correct them. The guest must ensure that any potential damage or disturbance is minimized.

2.  For any items, brought by the client, MKC Maribor is liable only in accordance with the legal provisions and only in case, if the damage is related to the breach of obligations by MKC Maribor. It is recommended that the guest keep his belongings in the room, guests can also get the key at the reception for the lockers in the room.

3. MKC is not liable for the guest car parked in the parking lot, or any items stored in the car.

4. MKC will not accept any responsibility for items or services ordered by the guest into the Hostel Pekarna, unless this has been agreed in writing (for example: signing for concert tickets).


X. Complaints and appeals

Guest is entitled to a complaints or appeal for inadequate services. Complain must be made in writing within 8 days of inadequate services. If the deadline is missed MKC will not address the complaint. The written complaint must contain evidence relating to actual damages for which a guest complains. MKC will not address one complain signed by several guests, each guest must write his own complaint. If the complaint cannot be solved immediately and the MKC is in fault for inadequate services, the guest has the right for cost reimbursement, but only in the amount of actual cost of services, or in the amount set in the Consumer protection Act. The guest has no right for cost reimbursement if MKC has the right to cancel or change the service.

After receiving complain MKC must respond within 8 days or within the period of time necessary to obtain information on the cause of complaints. Until MKC does not reply, the complainer will renounce involving any other person, juridical institutions or public media.


XI. Use of personal data

MKC will protect all the personal data acquired from the guest in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection. By signing the application – reservation form - the guest agrees with using his data for statistical and informational purpose. If the guest does not agree with using his data, he must specify this upon arrival.


XII. Commitments by MKC Maribor

MKC must provide a proper service, a good choice of it business partners and must represent the interest of the guest in accordance with good practice in tourism. MKC must provide all services listed in the application – reservation form and is liable for all unimplemented or partly implemented services, except due to higher power according to local or international regulations.

MKC Maribor